10 things to look for when finding childcare

10 things to look for when finding childcare
November 24, 2016 tlc-admin

Young boy exploring nature in a meadow with a magnifying glass looking for insects

1. A friendly welcome for you and your child

2. Busy, relaxed children who seem happy and purposeful

3. Lots of different fun activities that are available all day

4. Quiet areas so your child has somewhere to relax

5. Activities that are planned around your child’s interests

6. Trained and experienced staff who respond to your child’s individual needs

7. An well resourced outside area available for your child throughout the day

8. Warm and happy staff that show genuine affection for your child

9. Lots of opportunities for your child to visit and get used to the new setting before starting

10. Different avenues to speak to staff freely about your child on a daily basis