5 Ways to Motivate Boys to Write

5 Ways to Motivate Boys to Write
January 30, 2017 tlc-admin
  1. Follow their lead and interests: All children want to engage and try new things when they are motivated and having fun with something they are interested in
  2. Make it playful and join in: get into character and be part of the play.  You can then model writing in play, they will see you doing it and high chance they will copy you and have a go themselves
  3. Give them a reason to write: Boys are more likely to make marks and write when it is for a reason e.g. making a sign for their den or invitations to a teddy bear picnic
  4. Give them lots of different tools to use to make marks: sticks in mud, cotton buds and paint, feathers in flour, chalk on wood
  5. Make it big and go outdoors: Many boys give a preference to learning outside where they can be active and have space. Before writing, children also need to develop physical muscles in their shoulder, elbows and wrists so the bigger the marks they can make in the early stages the better!IMG_4271-1024x768