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One of the best way to help your child develop good attention and listening skills is by spending quality time with your child without distractions. This only has to be 5 -10 minutes each day and can take place anywhere for example out and about, at the park, at home, at bedtime. This will allow you to be completely focused on your child and for your child to know this is dedicated time for them.

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5 Top Tips to help your children develop their attention and listening skills

1: Make sure you have your child's attention before speaking to them, it can help to say their name first to gain their attention.

2: Reduce the amount of distractions in the room such as turning off the TV, put away phones and devices this helps you and the child focus on each other and the activity.

3: Follow your child's lead. Children are more likely to maintain interest if they are enjoying what they are doing.

4: It helps if the child can see you clearly this way they can see your face, your gestures and facial expressions all of which can help them gain their attention.

4: It helps if the child can see you clearly this way they can see your face, your gestures and facial expressions all of which can help them gain their attention.

Top Tip

Commenting on what your child is doing will help your child develop their vocabulary, show your child that you are interested in what they are doing and helps sustained shared thinking. Commenting on what they are doing rather than asking questions helps the play and attention continue and your child will keep their attention for longer.
Following your child's lead can support your child's attention, Listening and language development. Here are some top tips on how to follow your child's lead.
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