Talk to your baby - 0-6 Months


Chatter Matters

A baby learns to talk every time you talk to them. A baby learns to listen
every time you listen to them.

Using your baby's daily routines can offer you a great opportunity to talk to your baby. Daily routines such as changing their nappy, changing their clothes, feeding, bath time and bedtime can offer you some close face to face contact to talk to your baby. 

Singing nursery rhymes to your baby, copying their cues and sounds as well as facial expressions develops their communication skills. 

Through the eyes of a child - 0-6 months

A short film from the Communication Trust, narrated by Kathy Burke, with helpful tips for your 0-6mth old communication development. Worth a watch!

You can download our Baby cards to offer you more ideas and the black and white high contrast images helps develop their vision. Click on the side bar to download.

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Top Tip

Turn off the TV and take out the dummy – children do not learn language and social skills by watching TV, and new evidence shows that too much TV watching prior to starting school can affect listening and attention skills, which will impact on their learning once they start school.
Download the TLC baby cards
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More information about talking to your baby from a speech therapist
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Age Groups

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Games & Resources

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Tips & Links

Discover our bite-sized tips to help your child's development and links to useful websites here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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