• Jan042019

    Tell me about…Phonics

    What are ‘Phonics’? In the simplest terms, phonics are the sounds that letters make and is a method to help children learn…

  • Mar152018

    Tell Me About …Tummy time

      What is tummy time? Tummy time is when your baby spends time laying on his (or) her stomach while…

  • Feb192018

    Tell Me About…Heuristic Play

    What is Heuristic play? It is a way our youngest children can explore the world that surrounds them, to find…

  • Feb012018

    11 Ways Young Children Learn

    1. Playing Playing – indoors and out, alone and with others, quietly or boisterously – allows children to find out…

  • Jan252018

    Tell Me About…Treasure Baskets

    What is a treasure basket? It is a collection of day to day materials that are natural that offer stimulation…

  • Nov202017

    Raising Bilingual Children- 5 Top Tips for Families

    The language that you speak is a part of your family’s identity. Being bilingual or multilingual helps your child connect…

  • Nov022017

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  • Nov022017

    The Twoness of Two

        We want our children to become confident mathematicians, in the same way that we want them to become…

  • Apr202017

    Skills For School

    Lots of parents ask us ‘how can I help my child get ready for school?’ The truth is you have…

  • Feb202017

    Read With Me Under a Tree

    We’ve teamed up with Essex Libraries and Essex Country Parks to bring you Read with me under a tree –…

  • Jan302017

    5 Ways to Motivate Boys to Write

    Follow their lead and interests: All children want to engage and try new things when they are motivated and having…

  • Nov242016

    10 things to look for when finding childcare

    1. A friendly welcome for you and your child 2. Busy, relaxed children who seem happy and purposeful 3. Lots of…


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