Tell Me About…Treasure Baskets

Tell Me About…Treasure Baskets
January 25, 2018 tlc-user

What is a treasure basket?

It is a collection of day to day materials that are natural that offer stimulation to the 5 senses. Gathered in a medium, low, rigid sided round basket approx. 4-5 inches high. Baskets should be filled to the brim to encourage babies to search and discover. All items should provide a range of textures, weights, tastes, smells and appearances such as wooden items, metal fur, leather, large shells etc.

Pioneered by Elinor Goldschmied , the idea of a ‘treasure basket’ is for babies aged between 6-9 months or those babies able to sit up by themselves yet unable to crawl.

Why are treasure baskets important?

Aids exploration, curiosity and concentration

Based on the principle that the ‘tongue it the most sensitive part of the body made up of millions of nerve endings which supports a babies learning’

Enables brain development as  increased neuron connections being made.

How do you use a treasure basket?

Find a quiet area away from other distractions

Seat baby comfortably in front of the basket

Sit close by but not too close that you become directly involved.

Allow the baby to explore, handle and manipulate the items in their own way.

Only become directly involved if invited by the child (watch and respond)

Clean the items and store basket away safely, changing items regularly to maintain interest


The adult should feel confident and happy with the contents. If in doubt take it out!