Tiny Tinkering

Tiny Tinkering
November 8, 2016 tlc-admin

You can still tinker when you’re Under 12 months old

Your littlest one is curious about our world and can’t wait to explore

  • Grasp and hold the object
  • Wave it
  • Look intently at it
  • Squeeze it
  • Chew it
  • Suck it
  • Pull it
  • Bang it
  • Throw it
  • Poke it
  • Poke you!
  • Drop it
  • Explore form different angles, upside down…

Babies apply their current favourite methods of physical exploration regardless of the object. Their actions are powered by curiosity and the delight of physical sensations. They have no sense of danger, nor of what are ‘baby toys’ and what are not. It is your job as a helpful adult to watch carefully and to make the situation safe by your friendly involvement in the playful exploration. In a family home, you might need gently to remove objects that are unsafe or move the baby away from temptation. In a nursery, babies are less likely to encounter common home hazards. So your task is to ensure that this different way of organising care has not removed babies from interesting contact with ordinary events and routines.