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Home is a place where your little one is most confident and spends the majority of their day. It is the perfect place to help them learn to talk, in whatever language you speak.

We have made TLC At Home Cards to share with you some ideas and top tips for you to do at home. The ideas that we have shared on the cards are simple everyday experiences that you would do as part of your daily routine such as sorting the washing and cooking. Everyday experiences can be a perfect opportunity for you to talk through what you are doing.

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Age Groups

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Games & Resources

Take a look at more of our resources and games to help your child learn through play.

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Tips & Links

Discover our bite-sized tips to help your child's development and links to useful websites here.

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At Home

Home is a place where your little one is most confident...
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Are you looking for advice about your child's learning and development? We answer your frequently asked questions here.

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