Bath-time tips

Bath-time tips
January 15, 2016 mg_tlc

Here are some top tips for bath-time:

  • Take different items into the bath to see if they sink or float – allow your child to experiment with their toys and find out for themselves
  • Sing songs such as Row, Row, Row your boat or 5 little ducks, Incy wincy spider – you can use the toys such as boats, ducks and watering cans while you sing!
  • While your child plays in the bath, use different words to match their actions such as pour, squeeze, splash…
  • Have a squeezy bath! Add different sponges, flannels and squeezy toys to make bathtime fun.
  • When playing in the bath, use different containers and jugs to encourage pouring and scooping water!

Please remember these top tips for bath-time safety:

1. Always fill your bath with water (not too deep) that is the perfect temperature between 35° and 37°.

2. Make sure it’s not too hot by dipping in your elbow or use a bath thermometer.

3. Never leave a baby or toddler unattended in their bath.


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