The first few years of a child's life are key to the development of speech, language and cognitive skills.
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My child's speech is really unclear, how can I help them with their pronunciation?

You can help your child by improving their awareness of the...
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My 2 year old is not talking yet, should I be worried?

Although all children develop at their own pace, we expect...
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If there is more than one language spoken in my home, will my child's speech and language development be affected?

Research tells us that speaking more than one language benefits...
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My child is 3 and still uses a dummy. Will this affect their speech development?

The short answer is, yes it can. Using a dummy...
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My child is 3 and still says 'tun' for 'sun', is this normal?

This is a typical process in a child's development in...
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My child doesn't seem to be talking the same as other children his age. Is he just a 'late talker' and will catch up in time?

Some children are 'late talkers' and do catch up with...
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My child has difficulty saying some words. How do I know if they need help or is this just part of normal development?

All children make mistakes as they are learning to talk....
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My child has started stammering. Should I be concerned and what should I do?

It is completely normal for a child to repeat words...
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