5 activities to support attachment


A 'secure attachment' is vital for a child’s development, but what does this mean? It means tuning in to your baby, talking and singing to them when they want to play, enjoying closeness and eye contact with them while feeding, and cuddling and comforting them when they’re distressed. A secure attachment ensures that your child will feel secure, understood. When a child feels safe and secure with their caregiver it results in an eagerness to learn, healthy self-awareness, trust, and empathy.

Here are some things to do at home with your baby to support attachment.

  • Copy Cat game -  copying your babies facial expression such as poking tongues out, blinking etc. Add a mirror to make it more fun
  • Tickles and floor play - allow baby to climb over you and tickle them. Encourage them to tickle you back.
  • Massage - help babies relax and develop closeness, use a lotion or oil to massage babies arms and legs (make sure the lotion/oil is suitable for babies skin)
  • Brushing hair -  take your time to brush your little ones hair and allow you little one to brush your hair too. Have a range of brushes, try them out on hands to explore what they feel like and let your child do it to you too.
  • Singing finger Rhymes  such as 'Round and Round the garden' or 'This Little Piggy' gives you a chance to make contact and  get close to your baby

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