8 Great Reasons To Build A Den


Making a den is always lots of fun, whether it be indoors with old blankets and chairs or outside in the woods . It’s a great activity to do with your child but why is it so good?  Here are 8 reasons why we think making dens is a fantastic activity to do with your child…

  1. It is fun and free!
  2. Den making is a great opportunity for children to develop their communication skills, ask questions, give instructions and learn new words
  3.  It is a chance to spend quality time with your child with no pressure, right or wrongs!
  4. It can give children a chance to problem solve by working out what works and what doesn’t .
  5. Den building helps children develop key skills such as perseverance
  6. Once you have built your den it can become a quiet cosy space for you and your child to cuddle up and share stories
  7. It can give children a chance to be creative in a different way and encourage independent thoughts and ideas
  8. Building dens together can bring back happy childhood memories for yourself and make new memories for your child to treasure

Top Tip

When you have made the den and had some fun maybe playing superheroes, mums and dads, tea parties, spies etc your child may fancy something different. Put a treasure basket in the den for your child to explore and discover new things. Your child may start to use describing words for the items, explore what they could be used for. Putting new and interesting items together for your child to explore can be captivating. Sitting with your child exploring the items and following their lead is a wonderful opportunity for you to share new words, expanding their vocabulary and their imagination. To find out more about treasure baskets click on the link in the sidebar.
Treasure baskets can be added to the den for more fun
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