Bath-time tips

Here are some top tips for bath-time

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Daily routines can be a great time to play and learn. Using the routines during the day can help a child become familiar with what is expected and offer you both quality time together. Routines such as changing a nappy can be a time to sing nursery rhymes, meal times can be a time to talk about your day. Bath time can be a fun time to sing, explore and take turns.

  • Take different items into the bath to see if they sink or float – allow your child to experiment with their toys and find out for themselves
  • Sing songs such as Row, Row, Row your boat, 5 little ducks and Incy wincy spider – you can use the toys such as boats, ducks and watering cans while you sing!
  • While your child plays in the bath, use different words to match their actions such as pour, squeeze, splash…
  • Have a squeezy bath! Add different sponges, flannels and squeezy toys to make bathtime fun.
  • When playing in the bath, use different containers and jugs to encourage pouring and scooping water!

Top tips for bath-time safety:

  1. Always fill your bath with water (not too deep) that is the perfect temperature between 35° and 37°.
  2. Make sure it’s not too hot by dipping in your elbow or use a bath thermometer.
  3. Never leave a baby or toddler unattended in their bath.

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Top Tip

Comment on what your child is doing and what you are doing. This helps a child make connections between words and actions. Repeating these words as you do the actions will support your child's development. Use statement such as 'pouring the water' and 'all gone' as you play with the water. There is lots of learning that takes place in the bath and sharing this with your child can be lots of fun.
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