5 top tips for rainy days

5 top tips for rainy days
February 23, 2016 mg_tlc

Top tips for rainy days:

Children learn best when they experience things first hand and get to actually ‘have a go’. So when it rains next try…

  • Playing in puddles. Putting on wellies and splashing in the puddles. Including the grown ups! The simplest idea but the best fun!
  • Getting muddy! Mixing mud and making mud pies, take out old pots and pans into the garden too.
  • Floating ducks, leaves or twigs on puddles. Try out pebbles do they float or sink?
  • Making a boat out of an old plastic container, add a straw for a mast, decorate, and set sail!
  • Compare different sounds that the rain makes by going outside and putting different containers on your head, eg pan, plastic container, umbrella. What can you hear?

Other ideas:

Put food dye and/or bath bubble mixture in puddles

Make a ‘boat’ indoors, on the sofa or using blankets, and play your own imaginary sailing game

Snuggle up and read a book such as ‘Where the wild things are’

Take some buckets outside and collect rain

Can you make an outdoor shelter? Try using sheets / tarpaulin and have an outdoor snack.


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